“TnT Soccer Training System is in the Top Ten best DVD’s I’ve ever watched”
    -Master student, TnT Soccer System

    This DVD is masterfully done! A nice blend of discovery, clarity, repetition and encouragement. The tone of intense, disciplined fun throughout is just right. All will immediately want Tasha-Nicole as instructor and mentor, heroine even. Her smile and careful focus offer hope to students, coaches, family and friends. She cares. Not since Jane Fonda's workout video has there been anything like it.”
    -Harvard MBA, Desmond

    “When I started the TnT Soccer System routines I could barely juggle 10 times. Within 6 months I juggled the ball 1000 times! Now I’m up and over 5,000 touches! I even broke a World Record for soccer ball control in 2 minutes! The TnT Soccer System taught me techniques for ball control and gave me simple routines to follow! I made the varsity team as a freshman and I have broken scoring records at my school. I have been offered several scholarships to play soccer!”
    -Love, Bryce

    “Soccer made Simple! It’s amazing! Just follow the simple Routine plans and you can master ball control I did it and YOU can do it too!"
    -Austin, Master Student California

    “Best Soccer Training DVD in the World!! Perfectly teaches the fundamentals of soccer & ball control”
    -Massimo F., Italy

    “The TnT Soccer System has taught me the fundamentals of soccer and has made me become one with my ball."
    -Lily K. /England

    “The TnT Soccer Training System is a soccer training DVD for kids of all ages, parents and coaches! Simple, fun and effective techniques, drills and games to teach fundamental soccer ball control skills.”
    -Tasha-Nicole Terani

    "Tasha-Nicole is an expert in training soccer players in how to improve their ball control skills. Soccer ball control is the foundation of all soccer skills! I manage a men's premier team in Southern California. Several of my players were struggling with their ball control abilities, Tasha trained them and worked with those players one on one and the results were OUTSTANDING! “
    Team Manager Conejo Valley Arsenal Men’s Soccer Club- Tony

    “The TnT System has not only taught my daughter Courtney the basic ball control skills for soccer, but has taught her self confidence and life skills for developing into a young woman. She has taught Courtney that anything is possible if you just work hard, follow your heart and stay true to your dreams!”
    -Thanks Tasha, Lisa Russell

    “At first, when I thought about juggling and ball control, I assumed I would never need it in a game or in practice. Oh, how I was wrong! Thanks to the TnT Soccer System I have learned ball control skills that I will use every time I play soccer.”
    -Rachel Lurie, California

    “Every great soccer player CAN juggle, all great players have mastered the ability to control the soccer ball and the BEST way to practice ball control is to juggle the ball”
    -Dan Metcalf
    Nike Coach of the year, DMS 11 Club

    “The TnT Soccer Training System has given me the confidence to soar. The TnT System helps me through obstacles on the field and obstacles in life! Tasha-Nicole is my role model. She will always be an inspiring person in my life. I love you Tasha”
    -Stephanie Griffith, Los Angeles, Ca.

    “Tasha-Nicole is a combination trainer, coach and sports psychologist! Tasha brought out the potential that lay within my daughter. She is an inspiring and motivating force who teaches by example, builds self-esteem and confidence, and sets a solid foundation for success in life beyond athletics. She has helped my daughter deal with frustrating moments and celebrated along with successful achievements. Tasha brought the joy of soccer back after a difficult season. She truly is a special individual that our family is so fortunate to have met. I highly recommend the TnT Soccer System to kids of all ages!”
    -Will Chen

    “The TnT Soccer System is a revolutionary soccer training system. Thanks to Tasha-Nicole & the TnT Soccer System my son has learned the fundamentals of soccer ball control, techniques and he is learning to be more patient. Once my son started to follow the routine plans in the TnT Soccer System he has learned to juggle the ball and do ball control in his games, it’s FANTASTIC!!”
    -Jeff/Soccer Dad in Southern California

    “The best decision we’ve made as parents”
    -Kotra, Pchsychitrist Beverly Hills, Ca.

    "Inspiring. This sums up the TnT Soccer System approach to soccer. Encouraging excellence by actually showing how to accomplish it! Tasha-Nicole’s loving approach to the techniques of soccer helps a person achieve the maximum improvement. I enjoy observing the changes in my daughter’s performance week-by-week, day-by-day. I especially love seeing her use moves that Tasha has taught her on kids who have no clue how to stop her! Her positive approach to teaching builds self-confidence in her students. Encouraging her students to believe in themselves. Leading them towards higher self-esteem."
    Southern California Soccer Mom- Leslie Medina

    "The TnT Soccer Training System has helped me develop incredible juggling skills and become more effective with my overall ball control skills. I am learning a lot to help my game and become a better player, plus I’m having loads of fun while I'm learning.”

    "We love you Tasha-Nicole for everything you offer to Rachel. I honestly don't know what we would do without your wonderful love, support and words (and actions) of wisdom."
    Soccer Mom-Leslie

    “Soccer Training DVD for kids of all ages! This DVD offers you revolutionary techniques, which will make soccer ball control fun and easy for players at any age and any skill level. The TnT Soccer Training System helped my son become a significantly better soccer player and even improved his focus at school!”
    -Jeff Blume, Psychologist, Beverly Hills, Ca

    "We believe that our daughters' soccer skills have improved greatly since they began training with the TnT Soccer Training System. They really enjoy the individual attention, which has helped them in all aspects of their game. Tasha-Nicole has given the girls more confidence, which we couldn't help but notice on and off the field.”
    -Cayla and Josh

    “With the TnT Soccer Training System I saw improvement in my child with such strides and she found a new level of respect and love for the game. Kaycee, before the TnT Soccer System could only juggle the ball 20 times. After learning and understanding the TnT Soccer Training System and practicing the routines, her record jumped to 140 in one day!!! A week later she was at 230 and climbing. Her balance and ball control has never been better and has helped her become a pivotal part of her club soccer team, sometimes never leaving the field!”
    -Erik Holcomb - Kaycee’s Father

    “Tasha-Nicole changed my daughters life instantaneously the first day she started training her. I believe that because of the TnT Soccer Training System resulted in my daughter receiving 6 scholarships to play college soccer!!!”
    -Michelle De La Torre, Soccer Mom and Soccer Team Manager

    “The TnT Soccer Training System helped me work on balance and ball control. I became a much better player and I was able to join a very good club team. Tasha-Nicole is very committed to YOU and is a fun person to train with. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their ability.”
    -Southern California Club Player –Jamie

    “The TnT Soccer System has changed my life. I played great this season...my team WON the league championship! I feel like singing because of Tasha-Nicole! I was even asked to play on the ALL-STAR team this year (top 20 out of 420 girls)...because of the TnT Soccer System! The TnT Soccer System helped change my outlook on soccer and changed my life!”
    -With great love and respect,
    Taylor Foley

    “I went from being the worst at ball control on my team to the BEST at ball control on my team and now I’m scoring goals!!”
    -Karisma, Master student of the TnT Soccer System

    “The great thing about Tasha-Nicole is that she is the world's foremost expert in soccer ball control/juggling and she has the amazing ability to inspire her students in training to reach new heights with their game, and most importantly their confidence, on and off the field. I have watched her transform players who could not even juggle the ball a few times to players who are making top club teams!”
    -Manager Conejo Valley Arsenal Men’s Soccer Club- Tony

    “My granddaughter couldn’t even juggle the ball twice before she started the TnT Soccer Training System. Now she is up to 140 touches on the ball with no problem!!”
    -Grandfather of TnT Student- Italy

    “Ashley was the star of both of her last games, her team wanted to know what she had for breakfast, that's how good she played. The TnT Soccer System definitely works. Thanks!
    -Tommy, Southern California

    “Since the first day of training with her, Tasha-Nicole has given me great advice, and has helped me as a soccer player. Tasha-Nicole has supported me a lot. She is so caring and makes you feel as though you are her only student. All she wants is the best for her students and for them to succeed. I enjoy training with Tasha-Nicole because of her motivation and wisdom.”
    -Love, Hayley S.

    "The TnT Soccer System is awesome! My ball control has really improved and I feel as if I can do anything with the ball. In addition, I've learned how to juggle more effectively which helps me to believe in myself when I get the ball in a game. I feel more confident, too. Tasha has taught me how to use my strengths to my advantage. I'm scoring more goals and I will permanently have a better volley shot and penalty kick.”
    -Sam Nordlund

    “I noticed results within the first few minutes of implementing the TnT Techniques. I practice the Routines before games and my coach loves it”
    -Harrison King, England

    “Thank you Lisa for turning me on to the TnT Soccer System. I want to tell everyone that Tasha-Nicole was superb with the girls and the girls really loved her. She showed my team manager and I a simple ball handling technique that I can't believe no one had ever taught the girls before”
    -Scott- Team Manager/Coach Santa Monica, Ca.

    “The TnT Soccer Training System is CONTAGIOUS!!!! Now, all the kids in our neighborhood want to play soccer with MY kids! Within the first few minutes my son became more confident and started having more fun with soccer!”
    -Gunnar / Germany

    “My son has become one of the better players on his soccer team since starting the TNT Soccer Training System”
    -Ms. Ajir, Soccer Mom

    “Tasha-Nicole is warm and genuine and conveys her love of and respect for the game with everything she does. She took my rookie 8 and 9 year old All-Stars and in moments had them performing miracles and believing in themselves. The girls looked up to Tasha-Nicole as a role model, as someone who personifies the axiom that hard work pays big dividends…with the bonus that it can also be fun! The TnT Soccer Training System really works! "
    Thanks Tasha-Nicole!!! Coach Steve

    “Give the Gift of Ball Control ∓ Train with the best in the world! 5 time World Record Holder in Soccer Ball Control Tasha-Nicole Terani.”
    -Mario, Lake Sherwood, Ca.

    “My Men’s Team players who worked with Tasha just a few times developed touch and ability that brought their game to a new level. Their confidence levels improved dramatically and ultimately our team won the Men's League championship! Thank you Tasha for all your hard work, your training helped us win the league in our first year. If you know a soccer player who wants to take their game to the next level, whether it's a youth player who wants to make a club team, or a high school player who wants to get a college scholarship, the TnT Soccer System will get you there!"
    - Arsenal Men’s Soccer Club, Conejo Valley- Tony

    “Since I started working with Tasha-Nicole I have improved in my soccer game on many levels. Working with the TnT Soccer System has built my self-esteem and changed the way I feel in my life and in soccer.”
    -Brooke, California

    “The TnT System is fun and helps me play better every game! I’m more confident and comfortable on and off the soccer field!!”
    -Love, Ashley/ Hamptons

    “Thank you for teaching me balance work and ball control! The TnT Soccer System has helped me become a better soccer player. Now I practice the routines before games to show off my skills!!!”
    -Love, David, Minnesota

    “Since my daughter started the TnT Soccer System she played every game with all the teams that she plays on! The coach doesn’t pull her from the game anymore!!” Thank you Tasha-Nicole for giving my daughter her confidence back!”
    -Love Lauren, New York

    “The results were remarkable and instant!! Tasha-Nicole has inspired my daughter in every way! It’s built her confidence and she has her spirit back!”
    -Stephanie, Florida

    “Tasha-Nicole is a female inspiration and a motivator! Tasha-Nicole is an inspirational role model and the best possible example for any youth soccer player!”
    -Rachel, Ohio

    “TnT Soccer Training System is in the Top 10 best DVD’s I’ve ever watched”
    Master student- TnT Soccer System

    “Best Soccer Training DVD available today! Revolutionary techniques made simple and easy by incorporating them into fun games and drills! Kids of all ages, parents and coaches will benefit from watching this DVD. WATCH IT, LEARN IT and LIVE IT with Tasha-Nicole”
    -Steve, Coach/Manager Atlanta Men’s Soccer Club

    “Soccer Trainer to the Stars! Tasha-Nicole Terani makes Soccer Ball Control simple, fun and effective. Special bonus sections for parents and coaches. Tasha-Nicole is a 5-time world record holder in soccer ball control and a United Nation Envoy for soccer. Tasha-Nicole will teach you revolutionary techniques and routines that WILL make soccer ball control second nature for anyone!”
    -Michael, Hollywood, Ca.

    TnT Soccer Training System DVD
    Written and Created by Tasha-Nicole Terani

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